Subject RE: [firebird-support] Create shadow's commit on large database locking up system until finished.
Author Alan McDonald
> Using Firebird WI-V1.5.2.4731 - when I create a shadow db
> using "Create Shadow 1 AUTO CONDITIONAL <Shadow Name>" then "commit"
> causes any other in-process or out-of-process connection to be blocked
> until the shadow file is almost completely created. Testing with a
> 5Gb+ database. Shadow is over 4Gb+ in size before the other
> connections are allowed to resume. I thought that shadow creation
> would not block other users when it is being created. All of the
> connections are using the same user "sysdba". Firebird is running in
> classic mode. OS is Windows XP-SP2 running on dual-Xeon 1.8s with 2Gb
> RAM. Plenty of HD space on SATA hard disk. I've tried experimenting
> using multiple instances of IBExpert running as well as my application
> and all exhibit the same blocking mechanism. Has anyone seen the same
> thing and have been able to un-freeze this condition. Thanks in
> advance for your assitance.
> Ron James.

how often are you making shadows? I would have thought you create it when
you restore and that's it.