Subject Re: Running Firebird from a CD/DVD
Author Adam
> Is it possible to run a Firebird database directly from a cd/dvd?

Hi Jens,

I know you can put a database into "read only" mode using either a
flag in gbak, or using gfix. This allows you to store the fdb on a
read only media such as CD-ROM. (IB6 OPGuide p111). From memory though
the server itself has to be on a writable media, so I don't think
embedded would work on a CD-ROM (if the fbembedded.dll was on the CD),
but I can't tell you where I found that out.

I imagine that seek time is a lot slower on CDs than HDs, so that may
or may not be an issue. I have done a proof of concept of a USB Key
embedded install for our management which has some great potential,
but have never had to worry about read only media.