Subject Re: Processes under Classic server?
Author lysander_fb
--- In, Sándor Tamás <san_ta@v...> wrote:

> Is there any possibility to work these problems around?

Which server system, windows?

I also have "problems" with multiple zombie-processes which do not
seem to get terminated correctly. However, I do not have a problem as
such, because the same users/clients will use the same connection
again next time they connect, even if it is 4 days later.
I do not have any lock-conflicts because of this.

Our server has sufficient RAM for all clients (40) to connect to all
databases on the server (5). So this thing just makes me nervous, but
it is not a real problem.

In _my_ case, the reason could be some connections to the databases
with old software while other - more modern - software is connecting
to the same database, from the same client, using the same ODBC-DSN.

If you installed on windows, check that in the firebird.conf on the
serverroot\bin directory there is an explicit "WITHGUARDIANOPTION =
0". The installation package is installing the guardian, although it
is not needed for classic server. And this prevents processes from
being terminated.

In our case the situation became much better after this change.