Subject RE: [firebird-support] Event notification through ODBC or Linux app
Author Alan McDonald
> Rick Debay wrote:
> > Do any ODBC drivers handle Firebird events? Are there any Linux apps
> > that do the same? I've been looking but only found Delphi applications.
> Perl DBD::Interbase and PHP >= 5 have support for events, these are the
> only languages whose FB drivers support is as far as I know (there are
> certainly onthers, maybe qtsql-interbase)
> > Thanks, Rick DeBay
> >
> > P.S. Any idea when JMS/Jaybird support for events will be available?
> >
> Regards,
> Yves

can someone draw me a picture here.
Perl and PHP type connection environments are very short lived by nature.
you connect - do some work and disconnect. If you are disconnected, you are
no registered for an event. So you connect, register, do some work,
unregister and/or disconnect. You spend more time disconnected (unregistered
for an event) than you do connected and registered.
Are there environments in perl/php which rely on holding/looping states
which allow persistent connections long enough for registering against
events to make sense?