Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird, Perl, Linux
Author Alan McDonald
> I've tried for quite a while to get some feedback on some problems I am
> having with a web application connecting to Firebird on Linux via Perl
> scripts. I am starting to think that almost nobody is using Perl modules
> (DBD::InterBase) to connect to Firebird. (There is a year-old open bug,
> similar to the problem I am having, related to connecting to Firebird
> 1.5, listed on the DBD::InterBase page at sourceforge.) Helen mentions
> DBD::InterBase on page 931 of the Firebird Book, but the development web
> site ( seems to be gone.
> So: For a web application using Apache on Linux, what do you recommend
> for connecting to the Firebird server? I am using HTML::Mason (Perl) for
> the templating system, so I hoped to stick with Perl for Firebird
> connectivity, but I think I need to switch to something other than the
> available Perl module.
> Thanks,
> Dennis McFall

I'm not sure what benfits the perl templating you have is providing but PHP
is excellent for connectivity. There are several abstraction layers to
choose from. I separate list firebird-php at yahoo and the addons available
for php is a bottomless pit.
I use ezSQL - it's very light and compact - as abstraction and has a great
little paging class which is easily CSS modified.
Others on the list swear by ADOdb. It's much larger/heavier.
We were just noting on the list, that it appears that once people find out
how to connect to FB with PHP, they never seem to have another issue so the
list is quiet.