Subject Firebird, Perl, Linux
Author Dennis McFall
I've tried for quite a while to get some feedback on some problems I am
having with a web application connecting to Firebird on Linux via Perl
scripts. I am starting to think that almost nobody is using Perl modules
(DBD::InterBase) to connect to Firebird. (There is a year-old open bug,
similar to the problem I am having, related to connecting to Firebird
1.5, listed on the DBD::InterBase page at sourceforge.) Helen mentions
DBD::InterBase on page 931 of the Firebird Book, but the development web
site ( seems to be gone.

So: For a web application using Apache on Linux, what do you recommend
for connecting to the Firebird server? I am using HTML::Mason (Perl) for
the templating system, so I hoped to stick with Perl for Firebird
connectivity, but I think I need to switch to something other than the
available Perl module.

Dennis McFall