Subject RE: [firebird-support] Slow Sweep speed on large database - Long post
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> Subject: [firebird-support] Slow Sweep speed on large
> database - Long post
> Longish question that deals with speed, of course.

> Now doing a back up and restore takes too long. We do this
> overnight and it is time for the users to need access to the
> database and backup alone has not finished.

Turn off garbage collection when backing up (-G), there should be no
problem backing up and restoring a 4gig database file.. I just backed
up a 9gig database in 22 minutes, dual opteron 242's, 2gig ram, 7200rpm
SATA drives.. Restore shouldn't take too much longer unless there are a
ton of indexes to rebuild, and of course other factors..hd speed..
Processor usage..etc..