Subject Re: Autonomous transactions or smth. like this?
Author dosinovsky
At first, thanks for answers, Ann, Helen.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that your advice would be hard to apply
in our situation, cause external tables have no indices and you
cannot delete from them via SQL.

We develop data warehouse-type application (although on small scale),
and in typical situation it processes 20-30 files per day, generating
100 - 5000 log records for each. We have to select logs by day, by
file type, even by object being loaded, and it seems to me (maybe I'm
not correct here) that such queries would run forever without indices.
Also we need to delete old logs to prevent them from growing
oversize, and it is desirable that for some file types logs would be
stored for 5 days, for some - for 30 days, for some - for 100 days.
Without SQL delete it would be difficult to implement.

I am thinking about writing an UDF that connects back to database. Is
it possible? Also is it possible to retrieve connection information
in UDF to duplicate it (at least database path)? Maybe some other
ideas? Or maybe such UDF is already written?

Thanks in advance.


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> dosinovsky wrote:
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> > In my Firebird application I need to write information about all
> > errors that occur in some stored procedure to a special table.
> >
> A special table is the answer. Write your log to an external table
> they're not subject to transaction control.
> Regards,
> Ann