Subject Re: transactions and timestamps
Author Lutz Kutscher
> > I want to do a constant synchronization between one main DB on one
> > server and multiple "satellite DBs" on other servers.
> > ... app then checks for changed records and transfers them to it's
local DB.

Forgot to say: not all satellites are online all of the time, so when
each one reconnects, it has to check for changes - and send the
changes that have been made in some (other) tables in the satellite

> I prefer the method of triggered insertion of PK, tablename,
> (I/U/D) into a changes table. The replication process is a 2 phase
commit of
> updates/inserts/deletes to the target database. A special user is
> and all triggers fire unless the replication user is the one doing
> insert/update/delete.
> Alan

I thought about that, but since I have multiple "subscribers", which
may be at very different "replication" states, I would have to find
some way of tracking, which record has been fetched by what