Subject Re: triggers
Author sasidhardoc
> Stored procedures are a good way to abstract the table design from
> the function. For example, you could create a procedure
> SP_Create_Customer and pass into it all the information required to
> create a customer. Internally it may run 5 or 6 queries to actually
> add a customer.
I have a question regarding this practice. Imagine I have a Stored
Procedure that internall runs other stored procedure. So,

Stored Procedure AddPatient Runs
Stored Procedure Person which runs
Stored PRocedure Entity
Each stored procedure is design to run the other. Here, I can
effectively reuse procedures - so, an SP to add Doctor will also run
SP PErson which in effect will run SP_Entity.
My question is, if I run these as SQL queries from the application, I
can run them inside a transaction - and, rollback in the event of an
However, I have no control over SP (right?). So, this SP may run few
of the internal SP and insert some records - then there is an error -
there is no mechanism for rollback - right? Will this not leave the Db
in an inconsistent state?