Subject Re: FB1.5 and FB1.0 - migration issue
Author davidalbiston
--- In, "elleffeci" <elleffeci@y...>
> Hi all,
> we are in the process of evaluating to migrate a working FB server
> from v1.0 to v1.5 . Since this server is a 'mission critical' one, we
> must not fail.
> My concerns are:
> 1) SQL compatibility: can we be sure that *ALL* SQL queries in our
> application, currently running on FB1.0, will be OK with FB1.5 without
> touching the SQL?

In addition to ambiguous column names mentioned by otheres, I had a
problem with a SQL statement like:

select Col1, sum(Col2),
(select sum(Col1) from Table2 where Table2.ID = Table1.T2ID) T2Total
from Table1
where ...
group by Col1

InterBase 6.01 handled this but Firebird 1.52 refused it.

> Thank you very much in advance,
> Luca