Subject Re: [firebird-support] Start transaction in Firebird
Author Uwe Grauer
Tony Goodwin wrote:

> Firebird 1.5.2 (embedded)
> I have small (VB) app which currently uses MySQL and where I am making
> changes which have to all succeed or not. I'm newbie to Firebird.
> The VB app uses SQL to achieve all this in step like
> dbconnection.execSQL("START TRANSACTION")
> dbconnection.execSQL("some update")
> dbconnection.execSQL("more updates")
> dbconnection.execSQL("COMMIT")
> I want to maintain app so I can use MYSQL and Firebird depending on
> clients choice, but use of START TRANSACTION (which I thought was
> standard SQL) returns error (Dynamic SQL error SQL error code -104
> unknown token START)
> What I want is SQL to achieve same in Firebird, eg do I need to set
> autocommit off in some way instead of START TRANSACTION and then just
> do COMMIT or what?
> Any help/pointers appreciated
> Tony
You will find Firebird Syntax in the Release-Notes and in: