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thks for such a detailed there a case study of walmart
which I can go through? Also,our requirements is to have monthly thinking of having a report table where aggregates will
be maintained for each month..any other suggestions?Pay attention to
Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for your transaction
boundaries..what is sarbanes-Oxley?

Also, I have a reqquirement to record time of each
when actually it happened...should i use server time or sth better is

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> What better example for an architecture for this business problem
> Walmart?
> As Thomas says, one logical table for transactions and one logical
> for line items.
> >From a performance perspective, keep two physical tables for each
> logical table: one for "active" transactions - i.e. those less than
> week old, and the second for "warehoused" transactions - those 1
> old or more (suggested age limit - make it configurable).
> On a nightly basis, move all transactions beyond the age limit and
> line items from "active" to "warehoused" tables in a batch job.
> Pay attention to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for your transaction
> boundaries. I believe that posting a row at the start of the
> transaction, then posting the line items together at the end of the
> transaction, with an update to the transaction header to show
totals and
> completed/canceled/voided state would do the trick. This way, each
> transaction (from the users perspective) actually involves two
> transaction commit points (from the DBMS perspective), with both
> points requiring just a few milliseconds.
> Walmart takes this one step further and pushes the data, in near
> time, to their corporate headquarters for stock management.
> On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 06:23 +0000, women_lover_best wrote:
> > We are developing a POS application..on average there will be 50-
> > terminals connecting to server..and there will be many
transactions in
> > day(guess 1 to 2 lakh) should i make my transaction table
> > each month..which means there will be 12 tables..or is there any
> > way..i am thinking from performance and management..and reports..
> > thks
> >