Subject Re: [firebird-support] Autoincremented Fields in Delphi
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:35 AM 16/07/2005 +1000, you wrote:
>So Helen,
>If this is not a group that one can ask question regarding triggers and
>auto Inc fields and values all albeit the the user was using Delphi to
>implement it what can one ask on this group.
>Do you not think the last part of your answer was a bit blunt,
>especially when answering a newbie questions.

No. What would be a more tactful way for a moderator to ask list users to
abide by the list rules, which are available to everyone?

>I would have thought that the firebird support list (with "support"
>being the key word) would support any question about how to use firebird
>regardless as to the flavor of that question.
>What do others think ?

It's not a question of "what others think". This list is the FIREBIRD
support list, not some specialised kind of Delphi support list. Delphi is
only one application interface that supports Firebird. Others include
ODBC, .NET, PHP, Python, Java... Users of this list are *specifically*
directed to submit their interface-specific questions to the correct list,
usually by a list moderator (which I am) but often by other regulars. This
not only keeps THIS list clear of app-specific noise but it also directs
the questioner to a place where his/her question can be addressed in context.

Furthermore, "Delphi" isn't an interface in itself: it's a programming
environment for which a variety of application interfaces is
available. There is effectively no "correct" generic answer to "How do I
do such-and-such in Delphi?" that is relevant to Firebird. This is even
more true than ever, given that Borland stopped maintaining client/server
driver support for its VCL data access components more than three years and
two Delphi releases since.