Subject Re: Alter View
Author Adam
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> Hi!
> I have to add an field into view. According to the LangRef (IB6) there
> is no ALTER VIEW statement. In the FB1.5 ReleaseNotes (I'm using
> FB1.5) there is RECREATE VIEW statement but it seems to be just
> shortcut to avoid typing DROP VIEW? Ie it can't recreate view which is
> used by an SP, I have to drop the SP before I can recreate the view?
> If so then this is a major PITA... :(
> Or is there any other way to add field into view?
> ain

Hi Ain,

This is the main reason I do not use FB views at the moment (you can
use selectable Stored Procedures and you can alter them). It is a
royal pain do have to drop all of the dependencies to make a simple
fix to a view that is used by other views.