Subject Re: searching a varchar(100) column
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Sudheer,
You can create another small copy of your book table
with only 2 columns (and without any index):

create table book_search
book_title varchar(100);
book_id integer; -- points the book address in orijinal table

because this record very short, your full-scan search will be very fast
for any search ( LIKE '%FIREBIRD%', CONTAINING 'FiReBiRD' etc. )

There is another but more comlex solution:
create a word + book_id table for any word in titles via parse them
before insert the book.



--- In, Sudheer Palaparambil
<sudheer.clt@g...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can somebody tell me how to speed up search on a book title column
> (varchar(100)), the user will be usually entering first 2 or 3 words
of the
> title. What I am using now is LIKE, but this is very slow on a table
> contains 120000+ records.
> Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Sudheer