Subject Re: [firebird-support] Server crashes when restoring databases
Author Christian G├╝tter

answering my own question:

> I have got a problem with a server which crashes when restoring
> certain databases. I am really wondering why this happens, because the
> backups are OK. Other servers can restore them without problems.

the server crash does not happen when I remove IBLMUDF.DLL from
Firebirds UDF directory. IBLMUDF.DLL is a UDF which comes with the
IBLogManager product and is used to make sure that changes to contents
of Blobs are logged. The unrestorable database uses this UDF.

So it seems that the server crash has to do with this UDF, but the
crash does not happen on every server. The database restores fine on a
Windows 2000 server with P3-700, 512 MB RAM, IDE disks, but fails on a
Windows 2003 server with P4-3000, 2 GB RAM, ICP Vortex S-ATA RAID

I think I will take this issue to the IBLogManager list. Still, I
think it is strange that a successful restore seems to depend on the
environment. If anyone of you can comment on this, feel free to do so.

With kind regards,