Subject RE: [firebird-support] Reading Server settings from a client machine
Author Alan McDonald
> Graeme,
> I do not believe it is possible with Firebird.
> I too had this delima with my application - ideally one solution would
> be for Firebird to allow a "path alias" instead of a direct "database
> alias" in the aliases.conf file. That would give people greater
> flexability for allowing programs to create databases and back them up
> with date-time stamps...all whilst NOT knowing the physical location of
> the database files.
> Hopefully someone has the nous to do this, but until then, you may have
> to do what I did and that's create a separate, self programmed server
> that my clients programs connect to to find out various bits of
> information, such as "where's the database path".
> cheers
> Mark

and what the SYSDBA password is etc etc :-)