Subject Re: [firebird-support] ibphoenix downloads empty
Author Ann W. Harrison
bmckenna6 wrote:
> I'm still using v1.0.0.796, and have stayed with that primarily
> because it works (i.e., don't 'fix' it) and because my project
> still requires compatibility with Win95.
> However in attempting to download newer versions from ibphoenix,
> the 'item' downloaded is not a valid zip or exe and is very
> small - approx 14k.

I just downloaded the V1.03 4th Jun 2003 SuperServer for Windows (full
install) (.exe) (2.9mb) through the Sydney Australia mirror site and got
what looks like a full install - 2986195 bytes. The odd thing is that
it's called Firebird-, but it's exactly the same size
as a much earlier download called Firebird- I
suspect there was a typo in moving it at some point. I started but did
not complete the installation, and it said it was Firebird1.0.

What was it exactly that failed to download for you?