Subject Re: Index/trigger activation & de-activation
Author Adam
--- In, "Eyal" <ez_bikbon@b...> wrote:
> 1. Are the commands to de/activate indices and triggers executed in a
> transaction context?

Nope, it is global command

> 2. If yes, then what happens if there are several transactions and in
> one of them an index is de-activated? Will the other transactions
> continue to "see" and use that index?

See above

> 3. Is there any way to de/activate constraint enforcing indices?

Have your cake and eat it. If you want to de-activate the constraints
index, then you can't expect the constraint to be enforced. If you are
happy with that, drop the constraint and re-add it later.

The suggestions are not really appropriate for multi-user systems. If
you are the only user though, and the operation is very "batch
operated", then you can get better performance (due to the reasons you

> Thanks,
> Eyal.