Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bingo! No real security there.
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Johan,

I've been a bit slow responding - kicked off yet again due to
my ISP using SpamCop blacklists (on which Yahoo groups seem to
appear quite regularly).

You wrote:
> My Point is:
> I am a Clarion programmer and I spend more time in the Clarion
> NG's that in the FB ones, at this point in time!
> That is were we the Clarion programmers, amongst other things,
> discuss the problems we are having with our databases.
> The FireBird security issue has been reaised many times in the
> Clarion NG's.

The reason why I had asked "What is your point?" is that your
original posting had no question. It showed a statement that
was ostensibly true (but taken out of context could be quite
misleading). I could not tell whether you were wondering if
the statement was true, or whether you were just passing on
what other people were saying in the wider world, or whether
it was some form of feature request.

I hope that the additional information in my post was of some
use. ie. Embedded poses no greater risk than already exists
if an unauthorised user has direct access to a database file.

> I came to this forum, where the FIrebird experts hang out,
> to get some peace of mind, and report back to the Clarion
> community. Is that not OK then? Who shall we turn to - or
> just forget about FireBird?

I assume this last comment was facetious. Given the time and
effort put into this list by many people it must be obvious
there is help to be had. Actually ask a question (rather than
posting spurious, out of context, postings from other lists)
and you will probably get more effective responses.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing