Subject From Moderator RE: [firebird-support] Bingo! No real security there.
Author Helen Borrie
Moderator message

At 01:44 AM 26/04/2005 +0200, Johan van Zyl wrote:
[.. a forwarded grumble message from another list...]


Despite your obvious enthusiasm, I must ask you again to be more
considerate in your support postings. Please refrain from forwarding
messages from your other lists. By all means, ask your customers and
co-users of other lists to subscribe to this list and ask their own
questions. Otherwise, please paraphrase issues as technical questions that
can be answered, and post them on your own behalf.

On the matter of enhancing security by obscurity, you are advised to read
the Knowledgebase ( ) on
the issues.

The support list is for helping people with problems relating to released
versions of Firebird and is *not* the appropriate forum for raising feature
requests or complaining about the status quo. Feature requests and
architectural proposals are discussed on firebird-architect.