Subject Re: [firebird-support] RootDirectory and location of database files
Author Daniel Rail

At April 25, 2005, 18:30, Marc Batchelor wrote:

> The only way for a remote user to create a database in my
> E:\Firebird_1_5\data directory is for them to expressly specify that path.

> Shouldn't RootDirectory somehow get involved here and at least let
> stuff get created relative to RootDirectory?

Yes it should. That's what is mentioned in Firebird.conf.

> By the way - I tried creating a special user for the fbguard and
> fbserver services, and set it's home directory to E:\Firebird_1_5.
> Same problem.
> Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Did you restart Firebird after making the changes in the config file?
That config can't be set dynamically.

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