Subject Re: Index for foreign keys
Author Christian Kaufmann
Hello Helene,

thank's for your explanations.

> Unwelcome (?) advice:
> If I've guessed right that you are working with a database design
> that was inherited from a Paradox/Delphi legacy system, then it's
> important to realise that all the Delphi stuff involving TTable and

No, I'm not there any more. TTable isn't in any of our applications
anymore and I think, I understood the difference.

The reason, why I tried with a user defined index is, that I can
deactivate it during inserts of several thousand of records. But it
looks like that I do nothing or that I drop the FK constraint during
this process and then recreate it.

I also dropped many foreign keys to lookup tables, because of the FB
problem with dup's in indexes. Unfortunately the checks are in the
application only and the database may get invalid references. I don't
know, what your advice would be here. Until know, I tried to avoid
triggers and SP, because I want to keep the system independend from
the database I use. Personally I'll stay on FB, but often customers
have a predifined environment with MS SQL or even worst: Oracle.

cu Christian