Subject Re: Does Firebird support file compatibility across platforms?
Author java4sg
--- In, David Johnson
<d_johnson@c...> wrote:
> Since you are using Java, here is another option worth considering. On
> an oracle database, an early (untuned) version was as fast as Oracle's
> import tool. Unlike the use of a backup/restore tool, you don't need
> extra storage space, which is important in a large installation.
> Another option the I am using with large databases (Oracle and DB2,
> several TB) is to read with JDBC from one database and write directly to
> the other with JDBS.
> Snapshot the metadata and create the database from the snapshot
> metadata.
> For performance, separate the read thread from the write thread, and I
> push the data between threads in a thread safe Queue (wrapper around
> sun.misc.Queue in older JVM's, in newer JVM's threre are suitable
> classes already available).

Sounds similar to Oracle10g Data Pump...

It's good idea.. thanks...