Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird From IBX to IBO
Author Aage Johansen
jorge_mosquera wrote:
> Delphi 5 enterprise
> IBX 5.04
> Interbase 6.02
> sorry by my poor english.
> I'd like to migrating my apps to Firebird with IBO.
> - Does IBO works fine with Interbase (Open Source, Comercial) and Firebird
> (Below and Above to 1.5)
> - If purchase IBO, what happens with IBX Code ? i need to rewrite ?

IBO works fine with IB and all Fb versions.
IBO is rather different from IBX - expect to rewrite. If a you feel
changing from IBX to IBO is too much work you might look at FIB+ which is
closer to IBX (but supports Fb).
Disclaimer: I've not used IBX or FIB+, just IBO with IB/5.x, Fb/0.9,
Fb/1.0.3 and Fb/1.5.x.

Aage J.