Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB Embed + Online CD
Author Stefan Gustavsson
On 4/22/05, fowlertrainer <fowlertrainer@...> wrote:
> Hi !
> In the years of 2000 I wrote 3 programs.
> These apps are placed in CD, but in this time I don't have good
> solution for online databases.
> Then I placed an Installer in CD, and this Setup prg. is install
> InterBase 6.0 in the computer with my software.
> That is very wrong solution (I think it NOW), but in the year 2000 I
> need fast development...
> The problems are many with this:
> - The InterBase installer is english, and the program is multilang
> - The IB server may be exists in the dest. computer, then it need
> sysdba password setting.
> - If FB or other IB same systems are installed in computer, then the
> program have been crashed on checking.
> So.
> I need to re-develop these apps, and make new CD-s.
> But I have a problem, because I don't know, what a method I choose for
> it !
> The older databases stored in IB6.0 format.
> 1. FB Embed 1.5.2:
> That is very good if working, and not buggy.
> Question:
> A.) it is working if I place in CD ? (Online database needed !)

Yes make sure the database is set to read only mode

> B.) it is working with older db format ?

Backup your old database and do a restore and everything should be fine

> C.) it have enough stability ?

Stable as a rock

> D.) it is enough to place FBEmbed.dll as gds32.dll, or I need another
> files ?

that package contains everything to get you going and it also includes
a readme :9

> E.) it is fully supports charset, and ordering ?

I'm not that good at this topic but some searching in the list
archives will give you
plenty with hits

> F.) I can protect my fdb file with another password technique ?

Nope, you might encrypt the data before you stores it into the database
if thats what you are looking for.

> G.) it is enough speedy ?

I would say that the speed fully depends on you database design, with
a good design
it will fly

> H.) can I use it readonly mode ?

yes, gfix -user sysdba -pass masterkey -mode read_only c:\mydb.fdb

> I.) it is supports an FB compliant interface to access db with IBX/IBO ?

I'm not a delphi developer but what I have read on the lists a fairly
new version should work

please someone correct me if I'm wrong

> 2. XML ?
> XML is very flexible, and because it is text based, then everytime
> readable. MS XML Interface is good for it, but not support searches -
> so I need to filter every elements.
> Another problem is charset. I need to use win1250 (hun), and english
> charset. How to this program works with another langs/settings ?
> Sort problems.

I dont now exactly what you are looking for but Ms Xml support XPath

There are also tons of information on msdn on howto localize your
applications take some time and read it thrue carefully and it will
save you alot of time later on.

> 3. SQLite
> SQLite is developed for these types of applications. 1 user, local
> datasets, quick access, etc.
> But many problems with it:
> - it have only english "order by" lang support
> - it is not suppports functions like upper/lower (with hun chars)
> So I need to search every records, and I need to compare them with my
> function, and I need to repack the subqueries' result.
> Many developing, and I don't know, how to works it in a system with
> another language...
> Please help me. I want to choose FB E. if possible.
> But I don't know: it is stable for it ?
> Please answer my questions (1. point).
> Thanx for it:
> ft
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Regards Stefan