Subject Re: permission denied
Author mikcaau
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> Not moi.
> >So, how are they going to backup/restore if the database is on
> > > a different file system (HD) from the server?
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> > > Or am I on the completely wrong track....?
> At 04:49 AM 21/04/2005 +0000, Mick Arundell wrote:
> >Yes.
> >Firebird database must be on a disk directly controlled by firebird
> >They do not need to be the same disk.
> They don't have to be on the same machine, either. A gbak file is
just a
> file, it's not a database. You can use a network share or mapping as
> destination for a gbak backup file, as long as it is known to the
host on
> which the Services Manager is running.
> ./heLen

I would be pleased to be wrong :) a not unusual occurrence but I
understand that though GBak can see the network from its host it can
only backup databases that are on its host. It can back them up to
anywhere on the network(s) it can see.
Backups using services API can start a backup of any database on any
server it can contact (given suitable permissions) but that backup is
stored on the server's host in an absolute location.
FWIW I backup with scripts that invent a name (ddmmmyyy dbname.gbk)
and backup from /opt/firebird/tables (yes that is a mugwump) to
where they are picked up by the normal backup process.
For my clients it would be handy to have backups from fb server to
another box.
probably at sometime in the future