Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird minimal installation - client and server
Author Aage Johansen
Tony Masefield wrote:
> ...
> If one has to physically encode the server name into the application
> software then this seems to limit the usefulness of using aliases.
> One must know the server name before hand and thus 're-write' the
> software and compile for each individual customer (actually I'm
> talking about software that would be common to a whole host of
> customers rather than writing different software for different
> customers - should have specified this at the outset).
> The client would have to know the server name to connect - which is
> why I had assumed that alias.conf (repleat with server name) should
> be on the client and the designated component (such as IBODatabase -
> BTW just checked this component and it does have an Alias property)
> would extract this info from the alias before trying to connect.
> Then again as a Newbie I could be wrong ...!
> The alternative, I suppose, would be to add the server name as a
> command line argument for the application itself.

Consider using your own ini-file (or the like) on the clients, and let your
app read connect string info at start up. You could even use a fixed
server name, and have the client enter server name and actual ip
addressinfo in the hosts file (or equivalent).

About the alias property of IBODatabase - is it a remnant of BDE compatibility?

Aage J.