Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database how to monitor growth
Author Kjell Rilbe
Mohd. Jeffry wrote:
> My boss wants me to do a database growth analysis on our firebird dbs
> starts form January last year. Currently I have no clue how to do
> this. Any hints how to go about this? thanks.

Sounds like a rather unclear request. You should ask him what he really
wants. If he can't give you a clear answer, ask him what the purpose of
the analysis is, i.e. what is he going to use it for. That should give
you the information you need to be able to analyse the appropriate
parameters. You've got several, you know: db file size, size of actual
data content (file size minus slaskspace = size of newly restored db?),
number of records in each table or possibly only in some tables, index
sizes, number of transactions, number of connections, number of users, ...

If he can't give you a clear answer to any of the above, find another job.

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