Subject Re: Firebird minimal installation - client and server
Author Adam
--- In, "Tony Masefield"
<polsolsa@y...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> 1) What are the minimum files that need to be installed on a
> Firebird client and server (assuming that no third party UDF's etc
> are necessary)? The Firebird 'EXE' installer works great but at
> time I will need to write my own installation package for both
> server and client (to minimise complications).

I have never bothered to check which ones the server needs, our
installer simply executes the Firebird installer, but I am sure it is
documented somewhere what the installer puts where. There is a zip
file version of the windows install which might help you out too.

> 3) Assuming that the applications use aliases (simpler for
> installation), then Aliases.Conf must be on the client rather than
> server or both (seems self evident but ....)?

Nope, on the server only. The only thing you need on the client is
fbclient.dll or gds32.dll and which one depends on what components
you are using. Aliases are good for hiding the physical location of
the database file from the clients.

> 4) Do the 'standard' components (like IBO 4.5) work with aliases?

All the ones I have used do. This doesn't include IBO but I would be
incredible surprised if they didn't.

DatabaseName property (or equivalent) should be in the form


So if your server is "MyServer" and there is an alias called "MyDB"
on that server, then a client can use the connection.