Subject Re: problem connecting to firebird database through MS C#
Author clemenslinders
--- In, Jason Dodson <jasond@b...>
> Anticipation to moving to another database, that very well may not
> a .NET provider...
> > But he question is - if you are on C# why the heck would you use
> > Use the .NET provider, it's a lot better than using ODBC.
> >

I use an addon in C#. It has a grid that can be filled with data. In
order to fill this grid with data it needs the sqlDataAdapter. So
when I use this sqlDataAdapter, it comes up with this ODBC. So if in
some other way how I can use .NET provider and still be able to use
my grid, please let me know. If it can only be done with ODBC than I
would still like to know how. I found the ODBC administrator I used
it to make a new ODBC source. In the sqlDataAdapter I even now find
this ODBC source. But when I choose it, I get the error that more or
less states that I have choosen the wrong adapter to do this???

So I hope you can give me a solution one way or the other.

Kind regards,

Clemens Linders