Subject Re: [firebird-support] Correct syntax to set field position
Author Ann W. Harrison
Salvatore Besso wrote:
> what is the correct SQL syntax to set the physical position of a field into
> a table?

As Martijn said, you can't set the physical position, only the logical
position. Firebird could (but doesn't sort fields by type to improve
compression and reduce pad bytes. However, if you set the position
attribute, your fields will appear in the expected order when you say
"select * from..."
> I have to change the size of a field so I'm doing:
> 1. Creation of a TEMP field
> 2. Copy values of field to change into TEMP
> 3. Drop field to change
> 4. Creation of the field with new size
> 5. Copy of values from TEMP into new field
> 6. Drop field TEMP

Why don't you just change the size of the field directly?