Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Database Size problem?? Please Help
Author Alan McDonald
> Thank you for the quick reply..^_^
> But is there any way I can shink the db(other than back and restore
> it) or force it to reuse the free space?
> My real problem is that my program have do a lot of calculation and I
> use db as a drawing borad. If I use the ordinary harddisk to run it,
> then it will take about 2~3 week to finish one cycle of pattern
> analyzing, which is too slow. So I put the database file on a
> ramdisk,can refer to
> It really speed it up, but just eat up too much memory.
> Is gfix -sweep can use here? I try it, but seens no effect at all(may
> be is my misunderstanding the use of it).
> Best Reguard
> Allen

in fact - do you really need multi-generational persistence for this task at
Have you thought of doing it with memory arrays? and not creating
persistence until after the task is complete?