Subject Re: Problem with my first stored procedure
Author Adam
Hi Grant,

Not bad for your first SP. I am not familiar with FIB so I can't tell
you if you are using that right, but here is some observations from
the firebird code.

Your stored procedure is a selectable stored procedure (because it
returns something).


select Result_ID
from P_SAVE_DATA_LIST_ITEM (1,'test',1);

should return you something if you run it in iSQL or any other
Firebird tool. (replace the parameters with something that makes
sense in your database).

Your first problem is that it will not return anything. Firebird uses
the keyword suspend to output a record from a stored procedure. Every
time you call suspend, whatever is sitting in the output variables of
the stored procedure is returned.

So place


between the last two "end" statements in the stored procedure.

Then the above select statement should return as expected, and you
can check the doco on the FIB components to make sure you are using
them properly.

Hope that helps


--- In, Grant Brown <grant@s...>
> Hi,
> Please forgive my errors as this is the first stored procedure that
> have written or used.
> Using Delphi 5 and FIB+ 6.1.0 and I have tested that the
connection to
> the database is live.
> When I try calling the following function I get ant exception when
> Prepare statement is executed.
> The purpose of the procedure is to update a record in my table and
> create one if the record does not exist. The stored procedure then
> returns the ID number of the record.
> Could someone show me what I am doing wrong ?
> SaveStoredProc is a TpFIBStoredProc
> SaveStoredProc.Transaction is set to WriteTrans001 which is a
> TpFIBTransaction
> SaveStoredProc.SQL is declared as
> WriteTrans001 .TRParm list is set to write, concurrency and nowait.
> function TDtM.SaveDataListItem(var DetectID, DT: Integer; const
> ItemText: string): Integer;
> begin
> //
> with SaveStoredProc_001 do
> begin
> try
> Params[0].Value := DT;
> Params[1].Value := ItemText;
> Params[2].Value := DetectID;
> Prepare;
> ExecProc;
> DetectID := Params[3].Value;
> if Transaction.InTransaction then Transaction.Commit;
> Result := 0;
> except
> begin
> if Transaction.InTransaction then Transaction.Rollback;
> Result := -200;
> end;
> end;
> end;
> end;
> This is the stored procedure that is delcared in my database.
> SET TERM ^^ ;
> FDTYPE BigInt,
> ITEM01 VarChar(150),
> returns (
> AS
> declare variable tmpid integer;
> begin
> if (CUR_DETECT_ID < 0) then
> begin
> tmpid = GEN_ID(GEN_PK_D_LIST_HEAD_ID, 1);
> values (:tmpid, :FDTYPE, :ITEM01);
> RESULT_ID = :tmpid;
> end
> else
> begin
> update D_LIST_HEAD set ITEM001=:ITEM01 where DETECTID
> end
> end
> ^^
> SET TERM ; ^^
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