Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: TIME calculation errors
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Yup. Linguistic confusion. TIME answers the question "what is the
> time?",
> > not "what time did it take?"
> >
> Helen,
> excuse me if i wrong, but,
> we can use TIME data type to store elapsed time if we have good enough
> reasons.
> if both time values in same day, we can use delta value to reset
> start_time, to use as chronometer.
> TIME allways gives an elapsed value if u ask "what is the time?"
> because there is no date info in it.
> so "what is the time?" is actually mean of "what time did it take?"
> from midnight.

<buzzer> Wrong!

It's not "what time did it take" but "how long did it take" or
"what amount of time did it take" which results in a DURATION.

The datatype TIME or DATE should not be misused for duration.

There should be a datatype named "interval" for this.

Also check this thread:*+author:craig&rnum=2#fcc8939b1d816717

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