Subject Re: C API
Author kammicazze
Hi pavel,

first of all thx for the reply.
Well, now that i know of the existens of the example directory, i did
a little search on my box and found it in
the /usr/share/docs/firebird dir. My gentoo-linux system installs it
by default in that directory and not under the firebird root. Stupid
of me to not look in there!
I think with those examples i will be able to make what i want, and
use firebird as a DB.

As for if Borland hurd me ... no, but i am pissed off they made Kylix
look like a great way of programming under linux and let the project


--- In, Pavel Menshchikov
<mpn2001@y...> wrote:
> Hello Kammicazze,
> k> are there somewhere some decent documents or examples of how to
> k> firebird with C applications.
> And what's wrong with FB examples, which you may find in 'examples'
> subdirectory of your FB root directory? You also might be interested
> in IBPP - it's a C++ wrapper for FB API.
> k> I think the lack of this sort of docs on the firebird site is
> k> reason to not use this great product. If you look at mysql or
> k> postgreSQL, the first thing you see is how to use it for the
> k> develop languages, and not only for Borland Delphi!
> Did Borland hurt you? :)
> k> Or is this product only for Borland Delphi developers?
> No. Except API, there is a range of data access layers that support
> FB, like odbc, jdbc...
> --
> Best regards,
> Pavel Menshchikov