Subject RE: [firebird-support] redirecting output of backup service or input of restore, or gziping?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello,
> I'm having a look at isc_service_start to make a backup from within an
> app using Firebird embedded dll (on windows and later on linux,mac)
> I saw that there is a way to specify a filename for output and wonder
> how I could gzip and/or encrypt the output data on the fly. Is it
> technically feasible? or would it be necessary to add new features for
> that?
> Regards
> Armel

With the services manager, you can't bring the file back across the wire. It
backs up to the server's local drive only (unlike gbak).
To do that, the client needs to know a path for the backup.
For this reason, I just don;t enable that feature in my apps with embedded.
The app can backup the local fdb file to a local fbk, but backups and
restores at teh server must be handles at the console of the server or use
one of many automation tools for the process.
At the server, under automation, using gbak, it is easy to encrypt the
output or zip it or whatever.
PS - just remember the keys problem too