Subject Re: Text indexing and blob (or blobs as external files)
Author benedicte_asselin
> I'm currently using BLOBs to store the file contents. I've found this
> approach to be problematic. Lucene assumes fast, random access file
> reads (forward and backward scans). To accommodate, I'm reading the
> entire BLOB contents into memory on both indexing and searching
> operations.
at some point in the C API in Firebird header I saw a function to seek
(as 'fseek' for a file in std C API) in BLOB, something like
isc_blob_seek or so, you may try this, I am not sure however that it
still works. Helen or Ann told me it may but was not sure. It would
avoid the need to put the file outside of the DB.
I would also be really interested in this feature BTW.