Subject Re: [firebird-support] permission denied
Author Mike Dewhirst
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 06:54 PM 15/04/2005 +1000, you wrote:
>>I'm attempting to create my first ever firebird ( ) database
>>in SuSE 9.1 ...
>> - in a directory which is in mode 777
>> - I'm logged in as root
>> - the directory owner and group is root
>>and isql is reporting ...
>>SQL> CREATE DATABASE '/root/samba_share/fbclimate/prd.fdb' user 'sysdba'
>>password 'yg53dd&0';
>>Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
>>I/O error for file "/root/samba_share/fbclimate/prd.fdb"
>>-Error while trying to create file
>>-Permission denied
> Yup. Several problems here.
> 1) (main one) - you can't access a database on an SMB share. The path must
> be one that is local to the host machine.


Actually it is local on the fbserver host. This is part of my learning
curve. First I wanted to see the linux box from my WinXP workstation.
Having achieved that it made some sort of weird sense to me to create
the database there so I could see it. I figured I might be able to take
advantage of that during subsequent development.

> 2) then ... the firebird user (i.e. the unix user named firebird, which was
> created when you installed Firebird)

I wondered why it was already there when I tried to create it.

has to have rwx permissions on both
> the database file AND the directory tree where the database file is located.

OK - I did that with rwxrwxrwx. I need to learn how to be slightly more
restrictive huh?

> 3) it is not a Good Thing (TM) to grant other users privileges in root's
> home directory. I suggest you create a filesystem tree called /data (or
> similar) and make that the firebird user's "patch".

Will do. Or at least I'll ask Jason why it would be better to use /var.

> 4) if you installed Classic

(rather than Superserver

) then you may find
> that you also need to grant rwx perms on the database file to any local
> unix user who wants to access it with a local connect, i.e. using the
> client.

At this stage I'm not too focused on local users. I really want Windows
users accessing a Linux db server.
> 5) Don't do Firebird stuff as root!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. I promise. I'll start again from scratch.

Thanks Helen - I'm reading your fabulous The Firebird Book a bit at a
time. The next bit will be starting from scratch :)



> ./hb