Subject Re: [firebird-support] permission denied
Author Mike Dewhirst
Marco Parmeggiani wrote:
> Mike Dewhirst wrote:
> /root/samba_share/fbclimate/
> ok, fbclimate is 777
> what about /root
> what about /root/samba_share
> i think they should have at least the x privilege for "others" to grant
> you (the firebird user) the permission to go into fbclimate.

Marco / Peter and everyone

I found the answer ...

- Mistake #1 was putting samba_share in the /root directory. It turns
out that is the home directory for user root. I had been wondering what
that ~ meant whenever I did cd /root.

- Making firebird the owner of fbclimate is some sort of no no in
another user's (ie root's) home directory

- changing the owner and group back to root solved the problem. There
must have been some other quirk I hadn't noticed which prevented it from
working earlier.

I'm gunna rework my directory layout but I'll see if I can figure out
the way linux is supposed to look before I do that. There must be a set
of guidelines somewhere.

My objective is to use a linux server and Windows workstations.

Peter - I didn't try what you suggested but from what I just discovered
I'm convinced it would have worked - thanks.

My thanks to all