Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password database"?
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
On 14 Apr 2005 at 8:54, Sam Hunt wrote:

>OK. I set up the dsn's on the server ok, but when I use
>"NSTI-2:C:\..." instead of \\NSTI-2\C:\..." to set up the dsn's on the
>client , I receive the error: Unable to complete network request to
>host "NSTI-2". Failed to establish connection. An invalid argument was

Well... From here I can't help you much. Just one suggestion: try
to connect with the same connection string using isql (or any other
tool). This way you can determine whether something is wrong with
your network (TCP/IP) configuration or DSN properties because message
"An invalid argument was supplied" is almost completely non-

>I have an entry in the C:\Windows\Systems32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts file
>that looks like: NSTI-2

Hosts file is good only if your server has static IP address and
never change it.

>All the PCs on my company's (small) network have an IP address of
> with an additional segment like ":755",

It is impossible, AFAIK.

>changes for a given PC every time it is rebooted. Does my server need
>a static IP address?

Though static IP is convenient, dynamic one is good too if your
network configured properly. In my network, bundle DHCP + MS DNS +
MS WINS work wery well.
SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.