Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Crash on
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:37 AM 13/04/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>2 Windows XP computers connected peer to peer
>Both running the Firebird 1.52 SuperServer.
>I'm using TCP/IP as my protocol.
>I've made successful connections like this in similiar situations.
>Computer 1 runs an application that tries to open a database on
>Computer 2. However, when my applicaiton hits the
>"" the application never finishes executing the
>statement and Firebird on the other computer crashes. It's service has
>to be shut down and restarted. What might be causing this?

Off-topic here. Post a question to the IBO list and provide the properties
you have set for the following:


Also describe what you mean by "2 Windows XP computers connected peer to peer".


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