Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password database"?
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:44 PM 12/04/2005 -0700, you wrote:

>Q: What version of Fb you are using and the *exact* platform it is running on
>A: FB1.5.2 4731 Superserver on XP Pro


>Q: The connection string that the remote client is using to connect to
>the database.
>A: \\NSTI-2\C:\Program Files\AT6TestData (NSTI-2 is the server's
>computer name.)

As a reality check that NSTI-2 is actually the server's hostname and not a
mapped location, will you please go into the command line window of one of
the problem client machines and type the command:

ping NSTI-2

Copy paste exactly what is returned. (Highlight the lines with the mouse
and press Enter to copy them to the clipboard).

>Q: What version string is reported for the client library on the remote
>(by studying the property sheet of the DLL).
>A: File Version:
>Q: The exact path location of the Firebird installation on the server
>A: C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5 (This is where Security.fdb
>is located.)
>Q: The exact, ABSOLUTE path location of the database on the server
>A: C:\Program Files\AT6TestData
>Pertinent Info?:
>The client PC (NSTI-8) is executing \\NSTI-2\C\AT6TestApp\program
>name.exe, which it has full rights to.
>The "C" between the two back slashes is a Workgroup share name.


>The app attempts to connect to two ODBC data sources, each defined in the
>connectionstring property of a Delphi 7 ADOConnection object in a datamodule.

Provide all the details of the definitions of BOTH of these ODBC data
sources, **including** the exact connection strings. (copy/paste from your
definitions). You can fiddle with the file part of the database file name
but provide the **exact** suffix you are using for the database file
name. On XP, this REALLY MATTERS.

If you are using Firebird aliasing for the database path, then provide the
alias entry from aliases.conf.

>I use the following syntax to open each database on the formCreate method
>of the mainform.
>if not then
>I create the data module where each ADOConnection object resides just
>prior to the open statements.
>This works fine when I execute the app on the server.
>Not so when I execute the app remotely from the client.

Currently, the issue is that your client connection request is not able to
do the first part of the connection procedure, which is to get
authentication for the connecting user. The reason is that it can't attach
to security.fdb, which it must do - TWICE - once for each datasource.

So - the first point of call here is to find out what is wrong with the way
your application is trying to connect across the network. For this, we
need better clues than we have so far.

The more exact the Firebird-specific info you provide, the sooner the
problem can be found. Don't put us through another round of trying to
squeeze blood from a stone. Requested details such as connection strings,
hostnames, file suffixes and ping tests do actually matter...