Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can't create database
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:59 PM 12/04/2005 +0200, you wrote:

> >
> > are you working on the server? can you use localhost:f:\db\isa.fdb?
>there is no file f:\db\isa.fdb, i think it should be created by the create
>database command yes ?

Erm...I think he means using localhost in the database path argument of
create database, viz.,

create database 'localhost:f:\db\isa.fdb' user 'sysdba' password 'masterkey';

But actually I'd like you to do a reality check first.

Start isql.

SQL> connect 'c:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\examples\employee.fdb'
user 'sysdba' password 'masterkey';

..and report back.