Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error messages
Author Nick Upson
In article <NBBBJKLIEJPCMJJOFDNPGEAGHPAA.alan@...>, Alan McDonald
> sounds like you've converted from an older version of IB to a later version
> of FB???? is this correct?

Originally yes but this database has been created by extracting the metadata
from dialect 1, firebird 1.5.2, loading it into the new one then transfering
the data

> If so then it's not a Dialect 1 to 3 error , it's a IB6 to FB1.5.2 error.
> Ambiguous selects were highlighted some time ago as a cause for concern
> during upgrading.

Oh yes, I'm aware of that and expected some.

> Are you sure you have updated the firebord.msg file on the client end? You
> may see a different error message here if you do

the message file is fine, I usually get a message that talks about
ambiguous'ness in the select which is fine. On this occassion I didn't I got
the internal gds consistancy check message instead, editing the select and it

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