Subject Error messages
Author Nick Upson
I'm converting a databse from dialect 1 to 3 and now testing to make sure
it's all ok before finally going live. I got "internal gds consistancy check
(table sorder), sorder_u", so I spent ages trying to identify the corruption.

It turned out to be caused by an ambiguous column in a select statement
(below). The error message is usually very good and tells me the cause but
not this time. I'm posting this so that others can be aware of this possible
cause of the error message

Select sorder_u, companyname, employee_u, spechdr_u, typenumber, descandcode,
qtyreqd, priceordered, dt_entered
from sorder, sorderline, company, spectype
where sorderline.sorder_u = sorder.sorder_u
and company.company_u = sorder.company_u
and spectype.spechdr_u = sorderline.spechdr_u
and spectype.typenumber = sorderline.typenumber

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