Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password database"?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:54 PM 11/04/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>this is what my client PC gets when it attempts to run the app on the
>server. what's weird is the client PC works fine, if the server opens
>the database first. I really am trying to figure this out by myself
>and I've about reached my wits' end. Even just a hint would be
>appreciated. This is a continuation of an earlier message I posted,
>so I won't repeat all that stuff again.

The password database is the security database. In Fb 1, it's name is
isc4.gdb. In Fb 1.5, it is security.fdb. In answer to the subject, yes,
that error has been seen before. :-) Now your mission is to give us
adequate information to work out why *you* are seeing it.

We did rather get the details of your setup in disconnected bits and pieces
first time around. In any case, old threads quickly scroll off the radar.

Begin by telling us ALL of the following:

What version of Fb you are using and the *exact* platform it is running on
Which model (Superserver or Classic).
The connection string that the remote client is using to connect to the
What version string is reported for the client library on the remote client
(by studying the property sheet of the DLL).
The exact path location of the Firebird installation on the server, e.g.
"C:\Program Files\Blah...."
The exact, ABSOLUTE path location of the database on the server (don't give
us any share names, mapped servers, UNC names, etc.)
Anything else pertinent to the network connection between the remote client
and the server - like what happens when you ping the host machine by name
from the remote client machine, etc.