Subject RE: [firebird-support] UPDATE Statistics or other maintenance?
Author Alan McDonald
> I have seen occasional mentions of using
> To update the internal statistics... Is this true???
> We have been performing a gbak backup and a gbak restore each night...
> so I am curious if we need to be doing anything more to keep the
> database in good shape.
> I would like to know if I should be performing some additional tasks
> and what the benefit would be.
> This is not a huge db, but at least one table that has well over a
> million records and a few other tables are close behind.
> Thanks,
> Raymond
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> Raymond J. Schappe
> Isthmus Technology Solutions, LLC

a backup and restore cycle is the ultimate in the DB health plan
(just amek sure you are not overwriting the db in the restore cycle, that
you follow the logical sequence:
1. ensure noone connected (e.g. stop server for extremem measure)
2. change name of db
3. start server
4. backup db
5. restore db by creating new db to yet another name
6. rename restored db to original db name