Subject Re: [firebird-support] Installing Firebird on a MAX OS X machine
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:56 PM 11/04/2005 +1000, you wrote:

>Hi to all,
>Could someone give me some advise as wither the following is possible or
>not and are there any gotchas ?
>Install FireBird Superserver of a Mac OS X machine.

Yes: there are Mac OSX kits for both Fb 1.5.1 and Fb 1.0.3 at

>Access the database using TC/IP from several other MAC machines that
>have Virtual PC (with Win XP) set up.

Presumably yes. The engine doesn't discriminate about where clients
connect from.

>or does the FireBird database have to sit on a full windows box ?

Firebird isn't Windows software. It is cross-platform software server and
client layers that can be conditionally built for a number of hardware and
OS platforms, including Windows, Linux and several other Unix or Unix-ish
flavours, including Mac OS X.

There is no requirement for clients and the host to be of the same OS or
hardware architecture; nor even for all clients to be of a single OS or